Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Snowman Who Said 'I'll Be Back'

Snowman: A Love Story, originally published at Metazen, has been republished over at Eunoia Review.

Here's the beginning to tempt you:
There was a woman down my road who fell in love with a snowman.
Margot wore only a thin nightdress and her slippers on the morning I found her transfixed by the snowman. The stout old woman’s usual trademarks were high heels and rouge lipstick. She scuttled back to her house without giving a wave or a cheery ‘hello’ like she did every morning. Margot glared through the frosted glass. She did not take her eyes off me until I had walked past the wonky-mouthed snowman.
You can read the story here > Snowman: A Love Story.

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